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Main Responsibility:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the warehouse ensuring proper tagging and location of spare parts and other materials.

Job Description and Standards:

  • Reports to Supervisor/ Parts Manager.
  • Ensures that ALL spare parts are properly tagged and are placed in their proper bins.
  • Ensures that NISSAN and RAPIDE parts are binned separately and accurately.
  • Ensures that ALL items kept in the parts warehouse are secured anytime of the day.
  • Ensures that no parts are released from the warehouse without the proper documentations.
  • Checks and arranges parts on stock on a regular basis for a more efficient and faster and faster releasing of parts upon order.
  • Conducts random inventory on all times to check for any discrepancies.
  • Reports to superior any unusual observation in stocking and inventory.
  • Acts as counter salesman in the absence of the same.
  • Delivers parts to other Team Nissan dealership if in the need arises.
  • Keeps self abreast with the latest bulletins, announcements and release of new models and any changes in spare parts from the manufacturers.
  • Utilizes the parts catalogue to ensure proper parts issuance.
  • Masters parts number of various models.
  • Assist parts expediters in delivery preparations.
  • Accepts and checks parts delivered by the manufacturer and ensures that delivered parts conforms with affixed documents with 0 incidence of error.
  • Practices 5S in the work area at all times and keep the warehouse an accident-free work area.
  • Observes Company policies, rules and regulations with 0 incidence of violation.
  • Maintains harmonious working relationships with other departments.
  • Performs other duties that as may be assigned by the management.
  • Attendance is above average.



Parts Warehouseman
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