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Job Description and Standards:

  • Parking valets are individuals paid to park cars in a variety of settings either for guests’ or visitors’ convenience or because of limited parking availability. A valet attendant, also known as a “valet” or “parking attendant” is mostly responsible for taking a guest’s car upon their arrival, parking it for them and retrieving it for them upon their departure.

Basic Duties

  • The basic responsibility of a parking attendant is to park vehicles for patrons of different establishments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.
  • You are entrusted with the care of someone else’s car, and since its common that valet parking is available at more high-end establishments, you’ll most likely be dealing with some pretty nice vehicles.
  • Upon arrival, a customer will pull up to the valet stand, get out and hand you the keys.
  • You are responsible for parking, tracking and logging what vehicle goes where so that any of your co-workers will be able to find it when the customer is ready to leave.
  • As a parking valet, you should greet guests or visitors as they arrive, opens doors for them, takes their keys, hands them a slip or ticket and then parks their car. When guests or visitors are ready to leave, you should take their ticket, retrieves their keys from a centralized area such as a booth or office and retrieves the car.


  • A valet attendant is responsible for parking many different kinds of vehicles with both standard and manual transmissions. Valet attendants must be comfortable driving vehicles of all sizes and types.


  • Valet attendants are responsible for greeting guests in a friendly and accommodating matter, as well as answering any questions that guest may have about their destination.

Parking Valet/Attendant
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