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Main Responsibility:

  • Responsible for overall planning, direction and control of the vehicle sales operations to ensure achievement of targets and profitability. Promotes Company image.

Job Description and Standards:

  • Reports to Assistant General Manager.
  • Ensures 100 % achievement of set targets, internal and external.
  • Creates well-thought plans and programs for sales department to meet targets and increase sales and improve dealership image in coordination with the Dealer Management Office.
  • Monitors sales achievements from sales marketing activities to determine its success or failures.
  • Establishes policies, guidelines, systems and procedures for the smooth Operations of the Sales Department.
  • Sets targets and monitor sales personnel performance and determine sales force’s weak areas for development.
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating plans to increase departmental revenues and profits.
  • Analyzes potential market and study exploration of the same.
  • Studies competitors’ products and sales policies and benchmark best practices.
  • Achieves 100 % market share target set by the Management and Manufacturer.
  • Trains and develops Nissan Sales Professionals when needed.
  • Ensures that required reports required by the manufacturers, if any are achieve in timely manner with no incidence of delay.
  • Attends meetings and trainings as required to include in-house training and meetings on 5S, CS, etc.
  • Prepares a well-planned, well-organized and sensible business plan.
  • Visits corporate accounts and other prominent clients for goodwill and to promote Company image.
  • Keeps himself abreast and knowledgeable with new products, latest bulletins, announcements, etc. by the Manufacturers.
  • Complies and completes all required reports such as but not limited to Sales Marketing Monitoring Sheet, DPR, 5S, SSI on or before the set deadline.
  • Conducts employee evaluation accurately and objectively and recommends Nissan Sales Professional for regularization based on their performance.
  • Ensures that Group Sales Manager monitor, manage and develop their sales team successfully, and monthly targets are achieve.
  • Maintains a harmonious business relationship with other departments, other dealership and manufacturers.
  • Ensures that cost-cutting measures are in place and practiced by everyone in the department. Ensures that expenses are kept within the budget.
  • Evaluates and monitors formulation and consolidation of annual manpower, capital and physical budget requirements for the Vehicle Sales Department.
  • Approves selection, compensation, promotion, transfer and separation of employees directly supervised.
  • Closely coordinates with the Marketing Officer/Manager for sales and marketing programs.
  • Observes company policies, rules and regulations.
  • Exercise administrative functions such as disciplining subordinates, providing consultations and counseling.
  • Attendance is outstanding.
  • Leads by example.



General Sales Manager
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