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Main Responsibility:

  • Overseas the mechanical shop operations ensuring that ALL standards operating procedures are observed.

Job Description and Standards:

  • Reports to Service Manager.
  • Assists technicians assigned to his team in performing assigned job/s.
  • Ensures that Standards Operating Procedures are followed in performing the repairs/services of the vehicles :
    • Repair Order/s (R.O.) are placed in the windshield of concerned vehicle.
    • Fender covers and seat covers are utilized.
    • ONLY repairs that are indicated in the R.O. are actually being performed.
    • Units are kept clean during and after each repair/service.
    • Recommended and additional repairs are indicated in RO
    • RO’s are surrendered to the job controller after completion of the job completion of the job indicated there in.
  • Ensures that productivity and efficiency is kept at 90% and 120% respectively.
  • Conducts initial static quality control on all finished units and roadtests units if necessary.
  • Handles problematic repairs and/or assist technicians in the repairs of such.
  • Ensures that back jobs are eliminated and in cases of repeat job, ensures that the job will be done correctly and all customer concerns are addressed.
  • Monitors work in progress and ensures that flat rate time is observed by technicians.
  • Keeps oneself abreast with the latest technical bulletin and announcement from the manufacturers.
  • Studies new products and technicians on its new features and changes in repair/service procedures, if any.
  • Attends trainings and seminars whether dealership or manufacturers initiated when instructed upon.
  • Practices and promotes 5S in the work area.
  • Disciplines personnel under his supervision and ensures that company policy and procedures are observed and penalize erring employees in coordination with HRAD.
  • Attendance (promptness and presence at work) is above average.
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