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With the internet becoming one of the most sought after mediums to promote various products, the AGM for internet Marketing Services Group ensures better sales for the assigned affiliate to aid in its business development. He/She must tap the right customers by developing and implementing different strategies. His/her ultimate aim is thus to achieve maximum sales and business by grabbing the potential clients. He/she is basically responsible for carrying out promotional marketing and selling activities of the affiliates’ products and services via internet by making effective use of various social networking sites.

Key Responsibilities

The assistant general manager (i-MSGroup) is responsible for carrying out the online sales of the products and services assigned by the affiliate. He/she uses various ways to sell these products and services by chatting, emailing or by making use of blogs to reach to the target audience. He/she is responsible for providing the database of the potential customers to his/her dealership representative counterpart. He/she ensures that these customers are made aware about the products, their special offers, discounts, etc. He/she prepares the online sales targets for the affiliates and makes sure that the strategies are designed in such a way, so as to achieve maximum sales by promoting the products well on the internet. He/she provides directions to the sales consultants and evaluates their performance. He/she prepares sales reports and handles if there are any issues with the ongoing internet sales.


  1. Meet and try to surpass the monthly sales target and earn maximum profit margins for the affiliate.
  2. Guide, instruct and give directions to covered sales team personnel of affiliate and assist in organizing all the sales activities of the internet marketing services group
  3. Understand the target audience and explain the use and operation of that particular product
  4. Select the products, merchandise as per the demands of the customers and to answer all the queries that are being raised by them
  5. Be aware and alert in various customer interactions and make sure that the customer satisfaction is enhanced during the entire purchasing experience
  6. Coordinate and implement the best practices to ensure effective sales approach and assist the dealership sales team personnel in closing sales whenever needed

Skills required:

Assistant General Manager (i-MSGroup) should have a passion for sales and should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. He/she should be proficient in using Microsoft Office, Photoshop, HTML, Google Analytics, scripting languages and should possess excellent web development skills. He/she should have the passion for internet and must remain updated with various developments happening online. Good analytical, project management skills, excellent customer service skills, ability to motivate and guide the other members and ability to work independently are some of the other skills that will prove to be of great advantage.

Educational Background

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, business management, marketing, computer science and other related course.

Web Design diploma is a plus

Assistant General Managers (I-MSGroup)

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